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Last Updated: April 4, 2023

division laboratory title name
Department of Networking Research Multimedia and Secure Networking Research Laboratory
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Professor Yasuo Okabe
Assistant Professor Daisuke Kotani
Department of Computing Research Supercomputing Research Laboratory
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Associate Professor Keiichiro Fukazawa
Media Computing Research Laboratory
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Professor Satoru Ushijima
Assistant Professor Daisuke Toriu
Department of Social Informatics Analytics Infrastructure Research Learning and Educational Technologies Research Laboratory
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Professor Hiroaki Ogata
Program-Specific Lecturer Majumdar Rwitajit
Assistant Professor Izumi Horikoshi
Data Engineering and Platform Research Laboratory Professor Kazuyuki Shudo
Assistant Professor Shiori Hironaka
Department of Digital Content Research Multimedia Research Laboratory
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Professor Yuichi Nakamura
Associate Professor Kazuaki Kondo
Assistant Professor Kei Shimonishi
Large-scale Text Archive Laboratory
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Professor Shinsuke Mori
Assistant Professor Hirotaka Kameko
Collaborative Research
Information Systems and Communication Technology Laboratory (IIMC collaboration) Professor Motonori Nakamura
Associate Professor Noritoshi Atsumi
Associate Professor (specially entitled) Takaaki Komura
Media Informatics Laboratory (IIMC collaboration) Professor Shoji Kajita
Associate Professor Yoshitaka Morimura
Assistant Professor Eiri Ono
Information Processing Studies Laboratory (ILAS collaboration) Professor Hajime Kita
Educational Innovation Laboratory
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Professor Toru Iiyoshi
Agricultural Economics and Information Laboratory Associate Professor Tetsuji Senda
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