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ACCMS seminar “Network and Communication with Supercomputer”

Post date:2018/12/21

Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS) holds a seminar once in a month. We inviting active researchers from a variety of areas, and ask them to give talks about their research activity or issues in performing research, hoping to provide an opportunity for fruitful discussion among participants.
On an ACCMS seminar at 23 Jan. 2019, we invite Dr. Nanri at Kyushu University, Mr. Kitatsuji at KDDI Research Inc., Dr. Kotani at Kyoto University, Mr. Washikita at SAKURA Internet Inc., Prof. Shinohara at Kyoto University and Dr. Murata at National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. We hope to have a lot of participants.

Date 2019/01/23(Wednesday)13:20~19:00
Place South Building of ACCMS 2nd floor, Room 202
(We have an elevator for physically handicapped persons. Please contact the office.)
Fee Free
Application Not necessary
Host Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Inquiry Keiichiro FUKAZAWA, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Phone 075-753-7430
E-mail : fukazawa * media.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Please replace “*” with “@”.)
Program 13:2013:30 Opening

Speaker : Takeshi Nanri  (Kyushu University)
Title : Interconnect Network in Supercomputers
Abstract : All supercomputers in use now a days are distributed parallel computer, that consists thousands or tens of thousands of compute nodes. To leverage computational power of them effectively, high performance and functionality are required on the interconnect-network of them. This talk introduces topics about their performance, such as latency and bandwidth, and their unique functions such as RDMA and offload, of recent supercomputers. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

Speaker : Yoshinori Kitatsuji (KDDI Research Inc.)
Title : Research development and technology strategy of 5G mobile network by KDDI
Abstract : This talk fist introduces activities regarding evaluations of 5G communication system (5G), and applicable use cases with the 5G, and relating research and development at KDDI research. Second, the talk also introduces the standards of 5G and approaches from KDDI. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

Speaker : Daisuke Kotani  (Kyoto University)
Title : Networking Technologies for Clouds and Content Delivery on the Internet
Abstract : Cloud services and content delivery are important services on the current Internet. To support such services, technologies for taking full advantage of big and wide-area datacenter networks and high-bandwidth network interfaces are essential. This talk gives an overview of latest technologies to efficiently deliver contents from servers to users, and introduces some key topics like fast network I/O, programmable and flexible networking, and content delivery networks. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

◆15:30~15:45 Break

Speaker : Ken Washikita (SAKURA Internet Inc.)
Title : Use of InifiBand in cloud implementation
Abstract : Sakura Cloud is a service developed and released in 2011. We use InfiniBand, witch is rare as an Internet service, and it is used for connection between server and storage. In this presentation, we will briefly introduce the configuration of the system and explain the reasons and usage of InfiniBand. We are going to introduce operational comparisons and meris / demerits with the services provided by Ethernet. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

Speaker : Naoki Shinohara (Kyoto University)
Title : Recent Research and Development of Far Field Wireless Power Transfer via Microwave
Abstract : A wireless charger for a mobile phone is recently widespread in the world. It is a wireless power transfer (WPT) technology based on an inductive coupling. It cannot expand a distance between a transmitter and a receiver. So a microwave power transfer (MPT), which can expand a distance between a transmitter and a receiver, is recently taken notice as next WPT technology. The MPT can be applied for battery-free IoT (Internet Of Things) sensors, unconscious wireless charger of mobile phones via microwave, and Space Solar Power Satellite. In this talk, recent research and development of the MPT is introduced and theory of the MPT based on Maxwell’s equation and electromagnetic field/wave theory is also introduced. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

Speaker : Ken T. Murata (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Title : Visual IoT and High-performance Deep Learning
Abstract : Visual Internet of Things (IoT) is a new class of IoT that collects rich visual data over the Internet. Both advanced video transmission techniques and information extraction from images by image recognition techniques are key techniques for the visual IoT. We evaluate the performance of our system in real fields to conclude that we can achieve full high-definition (full HD) resolution video transmission with as high frame rate as 30 fps. Collaboration of large-scale deep learning on super computers are also discussed. (The talk will be given in Japanese.)

◆17:45~18:30 Discussion

◆18:30~19:00 Closing
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