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ACCMS seminar “Learning Analytics and Evidence-Based Education”

Post date:2018/04/23

Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS) holds a seminar once in a month. We inviting active researchers from a variety of areas, and ask them to give talks about their research activity or issues in performing research, hoping to provide an opportunity for fruitful discussion among participants.
On an ACCMS seminar at June 22, we invite Prof. Stephanie Teasley at University of Michigan, USA (President of SoLAR). We hope to have a lot of participants.

Date 2018/06/22 (Friday)16:30~18:30
Place South Building of ACCMS 2nd floor, Room 201
Fee Free
Application Not necessary
Host Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Inquiry Hiroaki Ogata, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
Phone 075-753-9052
E-mail : contact * let.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Please replace “*” with “@”.)
Program 16:3017:30
Speaker : Stephanie Teasley (University of Michigan, USA, President of SoLAR)
Title: Delivering on the Promise of Learning Analytics through Actionable Research
Abstract:The research community for Learning Analytics is growing rapidly promising new insights into learning and resulting innovations in pedagogy. For this promise to be realized, however, we need the capacity to leverage educational data for scholarly research and apply research results at the kind of scale that truly changes how we teach and learn. In this talk I will provide an overview of Learning Analytics and present examples of this kind of work from the University of Michigan where we are engaged in learning analytics as an institutional initiative aimed at using the data produced by digitally-mediated education to better understand and improve student outcomes. I will conclude by discussing how Higher Education can build the infrastructure needed to explore new tools and practices that may change significantly how we educate our students.
(This talk will be given in English)

Short bio: Dr. Teasley is a Research Professor in the School of Information, the Director of the Learning Education & Design Lab (LED Lab), and Core Faculty member of the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) at the University of Michigan. She received her PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her career, her work has focused on issues of collaboration and learning, looking specifically at how sociotechnical systems can be used to support effective collaborative processes and successful learning outcomes. Her recent work has focused on assembling and utilizing institutionally-held student data to design and evaluate new ways to support student success. She is one of the leaders the University of Michigan’s significant investment in developing and supporting the use of learning analytics to investigate questions about academic achievement in Higher Education. She has been a Program Chair for the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK’14) and co-chaired the Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI’16 & ‘17). She became the President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) in 2017.

Speaker: Hiroaki Ogata (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University)
Title: Toward Evidence-Based Education with Learning Analytics
Abstract:Digital learning environments such as e-Book, LMS and MOOCs PCs have been introduced in K12 and higher education and the log data on various educational and learning activities are accumulated through the use of digital learning environments. Under such circumstances, research on learning analytics is actively being carried out in recent years aiming to analyze these data and support education and learning. This talk will discuss how the evidence-based education can be possible if learning analytics and knowledge management of teachers, researchers and policy makers are implemented.
(This talk will be given in Japanese.)
Remarks We have an elevator for physically handicapped persons. Please contact the office.
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